The major activities of this company are as follows:
  • Production of 250,000 sets per year of car audio under the license of LG of South Korea with a high quality based on international standards.
  • Supplying the car manufacturers and the market of Iran with their needs for car audio, speaker, and antenna.
  • Technology transfer aimed at reaching self sufficiency and supporting local manufacturers.
  • Planning for the export of 20% of the total production to international markets.
  • Reducing the total cost of finished products in order to compete with the similar products in the market.
  • Offering nationwide after sale services to all consumers by cooperating with “Omid Nikan Company.”
  • Expansion of the company’s activities and commissioning of production lines for car audio accessories such as speaker, antenna, etc.





1996:  Moj Nikan’s first Factory inauguration date and Start of supplying Car Audio, Speaker and

Antenna to IKCO for Peykan & Peugeot


1996: Assembly of LG TCC-320 & TCC-670 Car Audio in Moj Nikan Factory at Simin-Dasht Industrial

Zoon in Karaj/Alborz Province


1997: Speaker Assembly line with Plate and Basket Localization


1998: CKD Assembly for LG Product with Localization of Some Mechanical Parts Such heat Sink


2000: Exclusive agency of ALPINE for IRAN market on aftermarket product and after sales

Service network


2002: Applying Auto insertion Machine & SMT line


2004: Cooperation with Siemens VDO for Peugeot 206 Car Audio Assembly


2008: Inauguration of Moj Nikan’s second factory at Caspian City industrial town in Qazvin.




MOJNIKAN Company was established in 1995 as the first manufacturer of car audio, speaker and antenna in Iran. Being blessed with the Experienced and expert personnel and making use of the advanced S.M.T technology and Auto Insertion machinery ,MOJNIKAN Company has got a major contribution in the car audio market in Iran.


The current annual production capacity is 400,000 Sets of car audio and accessories in C.K.D. From with the quality Standards and under the license of reputable international companies, the capacity can be raised up to 500,000 set s in the following year.


Nowadays, competition is the key factor for participating in the international markets and also for keeping the overseas and domestic buyers as your fixed customers. To achieve this goal, we are endeavoring continuously to improve the quality of the products and services and attempting ceaselessly to optimize the productivity and minimize the costs. The company awarded international quality management certificates ISO 9001:2000, QS 9000 and ISO/TS 16949 which reflect our sincere dedication for the achievement of the optimum quality in our products and services.


Some of the main activities of the sales department of MOJNIKAN Company include supplying the demands of car manufacturers such as IRAN KHODRO, SAIPA, PARS KHODRO, etc. and also running a large nationwide sales network for supply of our products to the consumers. Having realized that the market development in the global environment is the key factor without which any business cannot be maintained, MOJNIKAN has got permission for exporting a portion of manufactured products to the countries of the region.


The strategy of the company is to maintain full customer’s satisfaction. So by making use of a vast network of after-sale services composed of 75 service centers throughout the country, the most desirable services and supports are offered to the consumers MOJ NIKAN, the Iran top 1 consumer player and speaker vendor, is a leading enterprise in the Iran digital area. MOJ NIKAN manufactures products that perfectly meet the needs of today’s customers, with a broad portfolio that includes Radio, CD player and Speakers. Driven by innovation and committed to quality, MOJ NIKAN obtaining the license from the Ministry of Industries.