Nikan Building

Nikan Holding started its commercial activities in year 1985 in Tokyo, Japan. We chose Japan to start our overseas activities because of the position of the country among the eight top industrial and well developed nations and also being one of the major trade partners of Iran by those days.

Furthermore, Iran and Japan had certain common characteristics in the world of trade. The establishment of trade relations between these two countries required wide recognition in the field of their markets and trade cultures. By considering the broad knowledge of Nikan Holding about Iran market, the top management of the holding planned to expand its commercial activities in the fields of Import, Export and Technology Transfer in Japan.

Having succeeded in Japan market after Seven (7) years of hard working, in next upcoming years we expanded our commercial activities into South East and Far East Asian countries such as China, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. Today “Nikan Holding” is considered as one of the Restless economical institutions in Far East and South East Asian Region and generally measured in the South East region among the high ranking partners for trade relations with Iran and Middle East.

Meanwhile, in order to get closer to Europe market and receive more financial banking facilities through UAE bankers and also get closer to its built up markets in the Middle East region. Nikan Holding top management decided to extend its trade activities to Dubai, UAE in year 1993. This was our first step towards expansion of commercial activities between Europe and the Middle East. At the same time we began to expand our activities in Iran and in year 1994 headed for implementing manufacturing base firms by starting production activities; therefore gradually shifted our trading views into supplying the raw materials for factories and manufacturing plants.

The new strategy was in accordance with the national development plans of the country. By considering experience, knowledge and capabilities of our holding company, we should point out that “Nikan Holding” can always be considered as a reliable trading and manufacturing partner for potential customers in Iran and Middle East markets, which are among the biggest supply and demand markets of the world.

In pursuant to this strategy, the mission in which we strongly believed in is competition, high quality, suitable delivery time and payment term, continuity of business, and pursuant of any problem that our partners face in relation to our mutual business cooperation.

We are fully aware of the fact that the only way in which we can keep our existence in the global market and remain as a highly reliable group in the international business is to sustain and adhere to the here in above mentioned honorable mission.