commercial activities

IRAN is one of the most important developing countries from

strategical point of view.  The policy of manufacturing and import of Motor vehicles and the expansion of roads and highways was considered as a very strategic decision by the government.  The “Mechanical Division” of Nikan Group has been involved in import of cars, motorcycles, construction equipment, spare parts of such vehicles, machinery, instrument, and equipment for car manufacturing industry, etc.  This division is one of the major suppliers of tires and spare parts for motor vehicles, various categories of O.E.M. and genuine parts, steel plates for car body, automobile air conditioners, car testing instruments and equipment, special and general tools, assembly line conveyors, production line machinery, equipment, etc. in Iran market

THE speed of information transfer and the broad expansion of

communications industry are of ever-increasing importance in the developing countries.  On the other hand, innovation, high technology, everyday improvements and new products all play major roles in the important business of computer, electronics, and communication products, etc.  This division, by having skilled expert staff and maintaining direct contact with the main manufacturers of such products in the world, has been one of the major suppliers of electronic products, various laboratory equipment and instruments, small and large computers, communication products, etc.

THERE are many textile plants in Iran that need raw materials

for their products.  Also, many factories need chemical or petrochemical products as their raw materials.  The general policy of the government is to support the domestic manufacture of textile and other industrial products.  This division is responsible for supplying these factories with high quality raw materials.  The division has n expert team that is connected with the main manufacturers of chemical products, and textile industry raw materials in EuropeAmerica, C.I.S., and Southeast Asia, and is thus, one of the major suppliers of such goods in Iran.

ONE of the main activities of the group is the export of Iranian

products to the other countries.  Iranian products are very competitive price-wise and quality-wise because of the availability of the following factors:  Low-cost energy, low-priced raw materials, low wage and salary, high-tech machinery and equipment, modern technology and knowledge of manufacturing processes, and the particular attention and support of the government for the export.  This division pays special attention to such principles as:  Quality, on-time delivery, perseverance, following up and solving the problems, competition, acquaintance with the culture of consumers, and active presence in the international markets.  Taking in mind these principles, the division is always ready and willing to supply the needs of the buyers and exports the goods to the global markets especially Japan, Southeast Asia, Persian Gulf region, C.I.S., Europe, Etc.